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attribute vs. autotext



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    Carlos Rocha

    Hello Julie, 

    Attributes are properties or metadata data tags. They can become fields into a notebook or experiment.

    How are they used?

    • They are used to keep record management consistent. For example, you can make an attribute a required field within an experiment and make that everyone who uses that experiment needs to have the same standard data.
    • They can be use for search assistance in experiments. For instance, let’s say you have an experiment type chemistry, you can search on chemistry type chemistry, and it will pull up all the experiments of that kind. It makes it easier to pull up data that you need
    • They are components to Dynamic Access Control. Attributes and group associations are used to make sure that users can only read or edit what they are allowed to. They are also used in security policies, which defines user access over the different tenant resources.

    Auto text allows users to insert saved values and text to streamline repetitive task and build organizational standards for input. As an administrator, you can provide predefined text that end users can use within a text element such as experimental procedure descriptions.

    These text elements can contain list and snippets.

    • List are collections of predefined values for auto text, which allows users to insert placeholders with a list name and define options that user can select from that predefined list.
    • Snippets are predefined saved strings or phrases of text that can be inserted into text areas, which can be help us save time when working with experiments. 

    You can also check our video tutorials: 

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