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HELM Monomer Editor does not start



  • Official comment
    Juan Ortega


    There are no settings to be changed in ChemDraw for this, and we do not have any known issues reported by other customers with this behavior.

    If reinstalling the software did not fix the problem, we recommend doing a clean installation by removing all registry entries that are not removed when you just uninstall the software.  You may need to reach out to your IT team for this in case you do not have admin rights on the computer.

    Instructions for a clean ChemDraw installation are found here:

  • hebe hebe

    Replacing the /.helm/MonomerDBGZEncoded.xml file with our own well-formatted file does not update the HELM editor's monomer definition.


  • Marc Forbes

    Because 409 indicates a conflict, it seems that the MonomerService (incorrectly) recognizes that the identical monomer structure has been input before.



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