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Please improve your software. Here are some sincere suggestions.


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  • The Customer

    When I use ChemDraw, your software has many problems. It gets stuck when drawing a large number of graphics. Every time I enter ChemDraw through word editing, it opens slowly, and all toolbars cannot be fixed

    We are aware of some performance issue-related reports (copy/paste, move or edit the structures present in the ChemDraw) after installing Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4601319) update - (Version 2004 OS Build 19041.804, as well as Version 20H2 OS, Build 19042.804) with our ChemDraw You will get more information from the following FAQ.

    We are not sure about your ChemDraw exact version.

    What is your ChemDraw exact version? Is it (4029) or or or ChemDraw ChemDraw or ChemDraw or ChemDraw or ChemDraw or ChemDraw or ChemDraw ? You can get that by the following way.
    1. Open ChemDraw 18.0/18.1/18.2/19.0/19.1/20.0/20.1/20.1.1
    2. Go to the Help menu and choose the “About ChemDraw,,,,”
    3. This will open up another window containing information like level, version, etc.

    If your exact version is v18.2.0.48 or v19.1.1.21 or v20.1.0.110 or v20.1.1.125, then please visit to submit a ticket (or send an email to, to get assistance from our Tech Support Team.

    Why can't the three color selectors (color, fill color and highlight color) be merged into one toolbar,

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    Currently, we have a portal for future requests. So please visit and create one for this request.

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