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Chemdraw 17.0 Bond Lengths Not Fixed



  • The Customer

    We are not sure about the structure as well as the bond that you are trying to move.

    Assuming you are moving the bond connected to a ring structure - after selecting the two atoms used to create the bond (eg., in methyl cyclohexane, if you select the bond that connect the methyl carbon and the carbon atom present in the cyclohexane ring in which the methy group connected, then the bond distance of the two bonds connected to the ring carbon incresaes; you can correct this using "Clean Up Structure" function).

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  • The Customer

    I also had this problem, the solution for me was to check the "Fixed Lengths" option under the "Object" tab.

    The fixed length can be set for the whole document under the "File" tab option "Document Settings..." in the "Drawing" option.

    The fixed bond length for click and drag drawingcan be toggled with the shortcut "Ctrl+L" or by holding the "Alt" key whilst drawing.


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