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Copy and past problem - chemdraw pr15.1



  • The Customer

    I'm working with ChemOffice 12.0 and Office 2013 on Win10 in a high resolution display laptop. And I find the same problem.

    same app on an old laptop would not have such problem. No one has a solution on this?

  • The Customer

    Originally posted by: Vezenkov

    I’m working on windows 10, I use Word 2013, Powerpoint 2013 and Chemdraw pro

    Here is my problem which happens since 10-15 days.

    1) I select and copy a structure in chemdraw,

    2) I paste the structure in word or powerpoint as image or as normal chemdraw object

    3) The structure is cropped. It is like the ‘frame’ containg the image is not centered on the image.

    For information, double click on the image in word or power point give a normal access the chemdraw editing and the structure is perfectly displayed.

    Hey bro, I think I've fixed the problem today...

    I go to the install directory of ChemOffice. Right click on the chemdraw icon and choose property--compatibility. then choose the checkbox of "High DPI setting sth sth".

    and the problem solved...

  • The Customer

    I am having the same issues with ChemDraw 16! Has anyone got any solution for this?

  • The Customer

    We would need more information which would help us to replicate the issue and report to R&D. Please contact us with exact steps and a sample file. You can email to us at


    PKI Support

  • The Customer

    I am using Windows 10, ChemDraw 18, and I prefer to use PowerPoint and Word 2010

    I had the same problem copy and pasting into PowerPoint and Word, and this is what I did to fix it, which is a little different than the other suggestions, but similar to Ahuan's reply.

    On your main drive, usually C:, locate the 'Program Files' folder. Then locate the file folder that contains the ChemDraw installation, on my computer it was called 'PerkinElmerInformatics'. Then find the ChemDraw application file, on my installation it was in "ChemOffice2018", then "ChemDraw". The full path would be, for my installation...

    C:\Program Files\PerkinElmerInformatics\ChemOffice2018\ChemDraw

    Right click on the ChemDraw application file, and click on 'Properties' at the bottom, then select the 'Compatibility' tab. Here, select/check the 'Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling perfomed by: Application'. Then Select 'Apply'.

    You will then have to restart the computer. This fixed the problem for both PowerPoint and Word.

  • The Customer

    gt95ab Thank you so much for this solution! It helped a lot.


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