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Compatibility Mac/Windows



  • The Customer
    Dear Chris,

    Please make sure the ChemDraw file format that was created on Mac is .cdx format. This file format supports transferring across platforms.

    - PKI Support
  • The Customer

    ChemDraw 13 on Mac works terribly bad. It crashes when you are trying to copy your work. It crashes 90-95% of the time. They claim they fixed it in 13.0.2. The problem persists.

    They also do not work on Retina display support for Macs. The drawings look fuzzy.

    The support is terrible for Macs. I recommmend Windows versions of ChemDraw.

  • The Customer


    I'm using ChemDraw 16 on macOS Sierra and it doesn't work properly. I need to finish the first part of my PhD dissertation as soon as possible. Should I try a Mojave release or Catalina perhaps?


  • The Customer

    Please find the supported Mac OSX for ChemDraw v16.0 - 19.0

    v16.0 - Mac OSX 10.10.x, Mac OSX 10.11.x and Mac OSX 10.12.x
    v17.0 - Mac OSX 10.12.x and Mac OSX 10.13.x
    v18.x - Mac OSX 10.13.x and Mac OSX 10.14..x
    v19.x - Mac OSX 10.13.x , Mac OSX 10.14.x and Mac OSX 10.15.x


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