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ChemDraw round trip editing Mac



  • Official comment
    Juan Ortega


    We are sorry to hear that the information provided does not answer your question.

    The option click on an embedded object in MS Office (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) to edit it is called OLE technology.  This works fine on Windows because the Windows version of MS Office still uses OLE technology.

    Microsoft decided to remove OLE technology from the Mac version of MS Office several years ago, forcing the round-trip edit to be done in a different way.

    Current versions of ChemDraw also allow a simple copy/paste to perform the round trip editing.  You do not need to copy as PDF.   Just copy/paste from Word to ChemDraw and vice-versa.

    Also, for the past 4-5 years, when you purchase a license for ChemDraw you will receive both, the Windows and the Mac version.  So the price is for both licenses, not one or the other.



  • KA

    It is a real shame that the comment was posted two years ago and nothing has been done yet. CD licenses for Mac and Windows cost the same yet so many features are non-functional for the Mac platform. This is what monopoly looks like in real world and thousands like me have been waiting for years to get this resolved.

  • Another MacUser

    We've been asking for this fix for literally a decade. If it helps at all, I found a couple user projects that kind of implement this feature for select cases ( and, but this is absolutely something chemdraw should fix.

    Infinite silence from chemdraw is frustrating.


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