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ChemDraw19 crash when entering sample mass below 1mmol


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  • The Customer

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    Assuming you have the symbol "µ” in your Stoichiometry Grid.

    We aware an issue (unable to open ChemDraw documents created using prior versions which contain symbol (eg "µ" )in the Stoichiometry Grid). In the current version if you have the value in µg (eg if you change the sample mass of a reactant from 200.00 mg to 0.100 mg (100.00 µg) you observe the crash. Also if you put the Sample Mass 55.00 mg, ChemDraw calculate and populate the value for Reactants and Products (i.e Reactant Moles as 1.02 µ mole and the expected Moles for the product as 1.02 µ mole). Due to the µ symbol you got the crash.

    You will get more information from the following FAQs

    The issue already fixed; available in the future update

    Meanwhile we recommend to use our v18.2.0.48 (You can get the v18.2 installer through your Flexnet account - you need to select the Prior version tab) or multiply all quantities (present in the Stoichiometry Grid) by 1000 - just for the calculation.


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