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ChemScript - Python 3.2 Stopped Working in Windows 11



  • Official comment
    Juan Ortega

    Hi Lily,

    As you can see on previous note, the issue reported was not a compatibility issue.

    We are working on supporting (and providing) Python 3.9 on a future release of the ChemOffice.

    Can you provide additional details of the issue you are having with ChemScript?  Please submit a ticket with support and we will be happy to assist you.

  • Christian KNITTL-FRANK

    So it turns out it is not Win 11, but rather was an encoding setting (enabling Windows' UTF-8 support) - should anyone run into the same issues.


    In any case: Please update the dependencies - there have been so many great improvements to Python in the last 6 years (since Python 3.2's EOL), and it is really a pity that one cannot use these features with such a useful tool as ChemScript.

  • lily coliins

    I also can't use ChemScript anymore, smash karts and I'm sure many will follow Microsoft's current update initiative. We hope you help! Thank you very much!


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