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1H NMR Prediction yields odd results



  • Raja RNA

    We tried to reproduce this issue ChemDraw for Mac v18.2.0.37, v19.1.1.32, v20.0.0.38, v20.1.0.112 as well as v21.0.0.28, but we couldn't. 

    Since we are not able to reproduce in-house and so far no other user reported this issue, we believe this issue is specific to your environment/installation.  Please retest the problem after clean reinstallation.  If you have access to v21.0.0.28, please upgrade to the current version.

    If you still have any issues, please contact support for further assistance.

  • Martin Di Grandi

    Hi Raja,

    Thanks for your help.  I was afraid this might be a local issue.  I don't think v21 is compatible with Mojave (my current OSX) so I cannot upgrade to this version and as I said, this problem has been plaguing me for several versions of CD.  If I can find the dmg for the latest version of CD compatible with my Mac OSX, I will try a clean reinstallation.  Not sure what to do if that fails.

  • moleculep heasant

    I am unable to upgrade to this version, and as I previously mentioned, this issue has plagued me for multiple CD versions. game


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