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ChemDraw pdf files



  • Official comment
    Juan Ortega


    It is likely that changes made to the latest version of Adobe Illustrator are no longer compatible with the files created in ChemDraw.  This is weird as the format for PDF is standard and if the previous version opens the files, so should the new version.

    Since we do not perform compatibility tests with all the applications and versions, as we only stick to the PDF standards, I would recommend that you check with Adobe to find out why a file can be open on the previous version and not in the new one.  Perhaps they have a error report we can use to make changes and ensure compatibility on future versions.

    If the PDF works in other applications, such as Adobe Acrobat, then most likely the change is on their side.

    If you obtain that information, please reach out to our support team so it can be escalated accordingly.

  • John Ralph

    Yes, I also suspect Adobe Illustrator as it is not a problem with AI 2021, as noted. I haven't figured out how to contact them yet, though!


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