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ChemDraw on Mac will not export pdf using lines for bonds



  • Official comment
    Juan Ortega


    Does this issue only occur with some structures in your case? Or does it happen regardless of the structure?

    I just tested drawing a benzene ring and added a single bond (line) to it, and the PDF appears correct?  Also, is this only when you open the PDF in Illustrator, or does it show incorrectly on other applications too (like Adobe Acrobat Reader)?

    To assist you better, please reach out to support team (Support Page > Contact Support) and provide the information requested here along with a sample file where you see this issue happening.

  • John Ralph

    As far as I can tell, it happens regardless of the structure -- we draw many hundreds of figures and it has NEVER worked except via CD16!

    Can you send me your pdf -- I will soon tell you. [And did you see the files I sent via email this morning?]

    Thanks, Juan.


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