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ChemDraw 21.0 not installing with Mac OS Monterey and M1 Chip



  • Official comment
    Raja RNA

    We are not aware of this issue. please create a ticket (by going to My Activities under your Profile name at the top right of our Support site), to get assistance from our Tech Support Team.  Also, provide the Crash report and System Report information.

    To get the crash report information..
    Click on the "Show Details" button in the "Problem Report for ChemDraw" dialog box
    Then copy all the content present in the report and paste that information, while creating the ticket.

    You can get the System Report Information in the following way.
    Click on the Apple Menu and then select "About This Mac"
    Then click on the "System Report" button.
    After that select File > Save and save as.spx file and then send as an attachment

  • Fahd Afzal

    Yes I have the same Issue.

    After Installing, I try to open chem draw and a window opens with 

    "Installation Failed"

    It would be nice if there's a solution for that problem!



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