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ChemDraw HELM Editor



  • Raja RNA

    Select the Monomer library that you want to remove and click the "Deprecate" button 


  • Andreas Aemissegger

    Hi, I cannot find this button, only "Add New". This is ChemDraw

  • Raja RNA

    This feature was introduced from v21.0 so  we recommend using the current version.

    We are not sure about the product for which you have a license. If you have a subscription license then upgrade to the current version.

    You need to select  "Show HELM Monomer Toolbar" from the View menu and then click the Manage Monomers button.


    It will open the following dialog box, select the Library as User and the desired Type and finally select the Monomer library that you want to remove. Then click the "Deprecate" button 





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